Science Expo

Innovation. Modernization. Advancement. These are the three cores that have led us, as people, to reach the present stage. It is our continuous focus on improvement, design and development that has added an untold value to our customer. It is at Emotion that the future is taking shape. To steer this goal of taking innovation a step above we at, Emotion, began the Science Expo Programme. It is only when you build the feeling of innovating again and again can we accelerate growth. With Science Expo, Emotion hopes to inculcate the practice of scientific thinking and problem-solving.

We anticipate and trust that by driving advancement within our people they learn to improvise when a procedure doesn’t work out as predicted. Science Expo strength constitutes a strategic mix of learning state-of- art technology, applying the science skills learnt and wanting to further investigate an area of interest. The ultimate and crucial goal of Science Expo is to provide a rich intellectual environment in which cross disciplinary innovation flourishes. Growth is only as good as the opportunities that come across us. With or Science Expo programme make the world an oyster for all people, all the while keeping are eye on the horizon of accomplishing a culture that begets innovation.