Krisha Housing
(Explore The Concept Of Harmonious Living)

Organic living communities are a haven of peace, creativity and sustainability. Imagine waking up to the sounds of the birds chirping; or the serenity that transcends all. You gather fresh vegetables from your organic garden and cook delicious food in a community. You stay in mortgage-free, eco-friendly home in a neighbourhood of like-minded nature admirers.

Guests can enjoy daily chores that involve organic food grown on site, volunteering service, yoga, art and community service. Adorable buildings dot the community that is founded on the principles of simple living and harmony with nature.

Each resident has access to a common meeting hall, with dining rooms and storage space. Our solar-heated swimming pools and bamboo plantations around your nest will make it all the more enticing.

Wake up! If you thought this was a utopian country from another sci-fi movie, you are mistaken. All this is happening at Emotion.