Everyday Vegetables
(Fresher than the freshest)

How often have you as a parent coaxed and cajoled your child to bring a handful of mint leaves from the store? You are whipping a yummy dish at night, as you look forward to see your family enjoy the dish you made with love. At that moment, you find some ingredients missing. You have no stock of tomatoes or there is only one sprig of curry leaves.

Your son is over the phone while your daughter is cramming for exams. You know calling either of them will result in a volley of yells, brawls and debates over who should go first to fetch the vegetables.

Emotion plays a role here, literally and figuratively. Call Emotion or message us to get the best and fresh vegetables delivered to your doorstep. No matter how small the quantity –a handful of chillies- or in bulk- several kilograms of onions, Emotion brings them for you.