Creating Creators

We at Emotion don’t see an individual as mere human. We see them as living breathing start-ups. We see them as potentials of untold creations. But to bring the potential into true reality you need to incubate these people start-ups. We need to guide them and mould them so that their latent talents come to forth and they can reach their zenith. It is to advance this scholarly aptitude that Emotion came up with the Creating Creators Programme. We love to invest in the future because it is at Emotion and its innovation centres that the future is taking place.

Under the Creating Creators programme we bring a world of opportunity to individuals who show an inclination towards innovation. It is not only to teach them cutting edge technology and how it can advance not only the growth of Emotion but the entire humankind that Creating Creators was founded. The programme is meant to bring a paradigm shift in the way we think, we plan and ideate. As the most inspiring mind once said, “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value” with Creating Creators is meant to enhance the inherent value of a person.