Introducing Emotion

Emotion - The Catalyst for Choosing a Direction that Serves Us

The most beautiful things in the world aren’t those that can be seen, heard or sensed... it has to be felt with the heart.... The heart-touching moments are those that are remembered and cherished lifelong – We, at Emotion are here to facilitate the homecoming of those cherished moments!

Emotion is the brainchild of Dr. Karunai Kumar who has found his inspiration in the late President of India, Dr. A.P.J Kalam. Through a range of services, Emotion aims at touching lives and creating a social bonding that helps people connect with each other, spread harmony and the spirit of entrepreneurship.


    Emotion is not just another brand. It is a Verb in every true sense. By emphasising the emotional connect, we at Emotion ensure that we touch the fulcrum of the family through our everyday services. When you partner with Emotion, you can get all your essentials on time at your home – just the way the heartbeat of the family, the queen of the house wants! Need Fresh vegetables- whether in bulk or a handful? Feel like eating some kebabs, order meat that has been cleaned, cut and packed in the most hygienic conditions? Need to socialise? All done in no time, what better, when it is exactly how the Queen Bee wants!

    Remember your childhood days? You would be taken to a village to help you learn about the lifestyle there. It fostered the spirit of community where each person in the village knew their neighbor’s names and were available for help anytime. Touching this concept of social living, Emotion, has incorporated traditional village life into modern lifestyle for the benefit of the community.


    In the present day and age, 24 hrs doesn’t seem sufficient... hence sparing a minute to think about other’s welfare though wilful, seems far-fetched! Unconsciously, we all have become private beings whose world revolves around social media and instant likes and tags.

    At Emotion, we have come up with a unique concept of social awareness programs. Targeting specific neighborhoods, Emotion creates platforms & wellness programs for the betterment of the society as a whole. We have taken the concept of “One for all and all for one”, way too serious...